An inspiring picture of a young girl studying on the floor of a railway station has gone viral online, leaving a lot of inspired about her zeal to study.
A Facebook user named Rakesh Kumar Singh shared the photo. He said the girl is often seen studying there because electricity is reportedly not available at her home.
The little girl who was identified as Divya therefore takes advantage of the light at the station to study every evening after school 

Divya takes advantage of the light at the railway station to study every night
Divya reportedly lives with her parents in a temple next to the railway station in Uttar Pradesh, India.
The picture has touched the hearts of many social media users who have praised her determination to study against all odds. Many users also offered to help the girl and her family. However, it is unclear if they eventually received some help.

With such determination and focus, Divya is sure to achieve her goals. She has shown that where there is a will, there is a way. No matter the challenges, there should be no excuses.