Federal University of Ilorin on Monday, January 22nd released its dress code for the new academic session and there are many eye popping and shocking rules that the students must abide by if their sail in the school would be hitch free.

The tertiary institution which introduced dress code into the system back in 2008 during the tenure of Professor Ishaq Oloyede as the Vice Chancellor of the school has steadily followed the precepts laid down since then, curtailing indecent dressing and at the same time infringing on the rights of the students in many ways.

In the new code released yesterday, as usual, the students were warned against indecent exposure of their bodies, warned against use of excess accessories,make up and tight fitting clothes.

The Bad Vs the Good

For years, jean material has been a taboo on the soil of Unilorin, especially for ladies as it tends to snuggle around the body of the wearer.

However, the rule that has left everyone speechless is the prohibition and ban of hair extensions and attachments for ladies.

In other words, the University of Ilorin according to many is just an advanced secondary school which can be argued as some secondary schools enjoy more freedom than students of this higher institution.