In this shocking video, well meaning Nigerians have rallied to rescue people who were trapped after a truck fell on them in Ogun state.

In what many have praised as an unbelievable miracle, at least four people crawled out of a vehicle after a truck fell on it in Ogun state.

Information revealed by Michael Ture showed the lucky individuals crawling out of the car after the truck had crushed the car. The tragic incident which took place on the 7th of December happened along Kpakpa Ilaro Road Yewa local Government Area of Ogun State.

Ture reported that “the truck had a problem and they had to tear though it” to rescue the trapped passengers of the other car”.

He added:“The car over took six (6) other cars that where behind the truck just about overtaking the truck when the truck back axle pulled off and the truck fell ontop of the car”.

“Thank God all the victims where all alive living one person unconscious. She was rushed to the hospital by men of the Federal Road Safety Corps.”