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How to get verified on twitter

What are the benefits of being verified on twitter?

being verified on twitter is very rare and less than 4 percent of all twitter users are verified.
being verified technically means that you have done something substantial enough to set you apart from the general public whether it be that you
are a professional athlete, musician, politician etc.

Being verified will increase your exposure and help you make the connections you need a lot easier.

Other users will take you more seriously because of the edge that it gives you.
Array Notions will get you verified on twitter!

Please do not apply unless you are serious about your career and understand the benefits of having a verified account

Please fill the form out to the right to apply and we will respond yo you within 24 hours on our cost as well as if you meet the requirements.

Twitter Verification Service Requirement

  • You must have a website
  • You must have iTunes album with 12 songs or more.
  • Your twitter must be optimized.

Please fill out the form below to apply for twitter verificaton

Do you currently have Wikipedia page?
if not we can still get you verified.

Did you ever purchased fake twitter followers?
we can still get you verified, if you have.