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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Social Media Branding

Why is Social Media Branding so important?

We have worked under major labels for years on hundreds of projects from single releases, full album releases, and more and you will notice that every major artist will have all of their social media re branded and optimized right before they release a new project. Social Media Design & Optimization is key when releasing a new project! The reason for this is to make it easy for the fans and new followers to know what your doing next and to make it easy for them to find it. Most indie artist make the big mistake by not being clear. You have to be clear and simple when looking to build a solid brand. We will design and optimize all your social media platforms to help promote your new single or album to make it easy for your fans to follow. Don’t miss out on such an easy step that can really help your career! We understand what is needed to build a brand that lasts and we want to help!

What included in social media branding packages

  1. Social Media Account Creation.
  2. Account Followers build.
  3. Logo Creation.
  4. Banner Design.
  5. Re-tweet