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Marketing & Branding packages

Receive Record Label Marketing From The #1 in Music Marketing

We work with your brand hands on to deliver the same marketing as the majors.
We have worked on household names such as Sean Tizzle, Paul Akadi, Reminisce & more! Major labels turn to Array Notions to build a new artist from the ground up that includes targeted marketing campaigns that drive massive attention to their brand. Our Goal with our marketing campaigns are to change the way public perceives your brand because that is what matters!

Publicize Your Business or Products

With our integrated marketing communications, we can get your brand/products more than 3 million organic impressions in 2 weeks. which 1/4 of our leads can be converted to inquiry or clients.

Targeted Traffic Campaigns

Our Marketing delivers real people and organic results to build your brand overtime and deliver solid results. You focus on your career and we will go to work
on your brand! You can call us anytime at (234) 81 695 22 481. or email us marketing@arraynotions.com

A&R Professionals With Over 10 Years Experience

We understand how to build a brand and drive attention to your brand. We know the formula and how the make public pay attention to your business/music/products. We shift the way the public perceives your brand making lot easier to create leads to your business and retain true fans overtime.

Social Media & Targeted Marketing Campaigns

We do not just boost numbers like most companies. When you’re building your brand monthly with Array Notions we are hands on with your brand day in and day out for a full month campaign delivering top strategies, targeted traffic and cross promotion techniques.

Monthly Strategy Call

When you order your first campaign, we get started the next morning! As you start the progress we send you update reports. You also can reserve a strategy call to go over the best options to move forward and release your music/products and create the right plans for you based on your success of the campaign.

Blog Placement

During your campaign, we submit your new single/video to music blogs around the world. We guarantee at least 1-2 publications with front page real estate. Sometimes we may get you interviews and other times just front page coverage.
These blogs help with overall traffic generated back to your brand.

We are always Available For You!

During your campaign, if you have any questions and want to now how something works or just learn more, we are here to help always. We will guide you through the process so that you can learn as much as possible so in the end you get better results.


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Strategic Follow For Follow Campaigns

This is the record labels biggest way of building the brand of a new artist. This allows for targeting your potential fan or follower that will interact with your content. It creates reciprocal action and real organic traffic that we funnel throughout your social media driving massive attention to your music. We strategically unfollow when we are done with the campaign leaving you with
thousands of real fans/followers. The longer your campaigns run the bigger your brand will get. Our systems are the best in the game and we have run campaigns for artists such as Sean Tizzle, Paul Akadi, Dare Justified, AY Lawson and more!

Organic YouTube/VEVO Campaign

We drive real organic traffic to your YouTube or VEVO video leading to thousands of social shares which will naturally move you up in the search engines. Your video will also receive video likes, video favorites, comments and engagement from real users. We maintain a very large email list which we send your video out to during your campaign. We also submit your video to blogs leasing to national exposure. Your traffic comes from all different sources and will send back traffic to your other social media accounts during the campaign.

We are hands on with your brand!

Our complete staff will be working hands on for your brand. Each day building new strategy and techniques that will get you the best possible results. Our objective as a team is to drive in the most attention possible for your brand.
We want to build leverage each month through targeted marketing to give you the edge you need. Once your brand is solid and ready we can help you headline tours, Sell merchandise & CD’s, In store signing events and more.