Free Music Contract

Free Music Contracts

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Individual contracts

Artist Master producer contract
Artist Management contract
Broadcast release
Commercial music contract
Copyright assignment publisher to songwriter
Copyright license
Copyright license and contract
Distribution contract
Event sponsorship contract
Exclusive songwriter’s
Exclusive songwriters ii
Joint venture contract publisher Rec Co distributor
Master tack license
Merchandise license contract
Merchandise licensing contract
Payment obligation contract
Personal management contract ii
Personal management contract ii
Producers royalties contract
Producer talent contract
Producer manager contract
Producer contract
Production distribution promotion contract

Publisher royalty sharing contract ii
Publisher record public contract
Recording company contract
Royalty agreement contract I
Royalty agreement contract ii
Royalty agreement contract iii
Single song option contract
Songwriters contract iii
Studio charges time contact
Sub publishing contract
Talent record company contract
Talent release contract i
TV movie film synchronization
Union booking contract
Video release contract



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