Eazi sees his singing career as short term, adding that he would rather want to be like a Jay Z later on if he gets richer and more influential with the music.

Mr Eazi was a guest on Hip TV’s Street Hop show, where he talks about his Next Rated win at the Headies 2016, music career and more.

He talks about how he wasn’t expecting to win the award, chilling backstage. In between putting up a playlist, he shares the inspiration behind his songs such as his featured ‘Ohema’, which is a name of one of his exes.

Asked what he would be doing if the music didn’t add up anymore, the ‘Skin tight’ singer notes that he is a serial entrepreneur, and moves on to the next thing depending on what he is passionate about, adding that he doesn’t plan to do music as an artist any more than three years from now being 2017.
“Sincerely, I don’t plan on doing music for more than three years further, In my mind I feel like I want to do something more like a Jay Z, the music is giving me a lot of capital which can be reinvested, the music is giving me a lot of influence, so if in the next three years, I’m able to get the numbers, you could use that to do anything else in life, so I could even become a speaker,” the singer explains.

He adds that he has walked away from many things in his life from engineering to events, to distribution of products, when asked if he could easily walk away from the music given how it’s turning out well for him.
Enjoy the interview.