Bobrisky and Jacob

Nigeria male Barbie and popular cross dresserBobrisky has had a fall out with his gateman Jacob after making him the most popular house help in the country.

According to Bobrisky who called out his gateman yesterday on Snapchat, he is no longer with Jacob and would appreciate it if no reference is made to him henceforth.

What we however cannot help but bring to your notice is that Jacob’s fall out with his master might be a blessing in disguise for the former gateman.


Recall that recently, popular musician Mc Galaxy  did a new song with Jacob’s name, making the gateman more popular than he already was.

Mc Galaxy has revealed now that he plans to give Jacob some proceeds from the music starting with 2Million Naira.

According to the singer,  the money would be put into a business for Jacob who is no longer a gateman henceforth.

In other news,  Bobrisky already got a new gateman.