Three years after the divorce between star actors and birthday mates Fathia Williams Balogun and her ex husband Saudi Balogun was finalized, the 48 year old Fathia has finally moved on with her life by dropping the ‘Balogun’ signature.

During the early stages of divorce, Fathia ha maintained that divorce or no divorce, she would not stop using the name since her children have rights to the same name.

Hence, despite Saidi’s several moves to make Fathia drop the name, the actress only stuck to her decision to keep the name until today.

Not only did the actress remove the Balogun from her name, she also deleted all pots on her IG page as she begins a new life with her father’s name Williams.

So the deed is done, Fathia Williams Balogun will now prefer to be addressed simply as Fathia Williams!