Indigenous rapper Phyno has said he doesn’t desire to be the best rapper.

The ‘I’m a Fan’ singer said he made it known in his Play Maker album that he doesn’t wish to become the best lyricist, adding that he prefers to be referred to as a musician, than being called a rapper.According to him: “If you listen to my Play Maker album, you will understand. In the album, I said I don’t want to be the best rapper. I blew up as a rapper; I was a producer between eight to nine years, before I ever rapped.

So don’t call me a rapper, call me a musician. I know music. The way I relate to songs, is not the way other rappers relate to music. It’s completely different. If I want to sing and it’s the vibe I am feeling, I will do it and If I want to rap if that is what I am feeling I will do it” he revealed.

Phyno started his musical career as a producer in 2003. He is renowned for rapping in the Igbo language. His debut studio album, No Guts No Glory, was released in 2014. It produced the singles “Ghost Mode”, “Man of the Year”, “Parcel” and “O Set”.