Charles Manson, one of the most disturbing criminals of the 20th century has died at the age of 83. He was a cult leader who brainwashed his members to commit a series of murders between 1968-69, including the killing of actress Sharon Tate, wife of Roman Polanksi, who was eight and a half months pregnant at the time. Tate was stabbed to death by Susan Atkins, one of Manson’s youngest followers. After killing the pregnant actress, Atkins spelt ‘PIG’ with Tate’s blood on the front door of her home.
Manson’s group not only killed Tate but also four more people at the actress’ home. The very next day, the group killed Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, a rich couple who resided in Los Angeles.
Other victims of The Manson Family include Hollywood stuntman, Donald Shea and Gary Hinman. Although Manson was not physically present at the scenes of the murders, he was convicted of being the mastermind behind the killings.
In 1969, his group ‘The Manson Family’, killed nine people.
He was sentenced to death in 1972 but the death penalty was cancelled in California before he could be executed in 1972 and served a life sentence instead.
He died on Sunday morning of natural causes after being admitted to Bakersfield hospital, California a couple of weeks ago. According to the statement released by the California Department of Corrections, Manson ‘died of natural causes at 8:13 pm (02:13 GMT Monday) on Sunday at a hospital in Kern County’.
Manson was in custody for more than 40 years