has been fifteen years since the death of the legendary Funmi Martins. Why did she die so early? What was the cause of Funmi Martins death? Find out in our article. We’ll tell about beloved Funmi Martins and the reason she left the earth at age 38.

The cause of Funmi Martins death

Who was Funmi Martins?

Funmi Martins was a shining star of the Yoruba movie industry in the 90’s. She was born in September 1963 in Ilesa, Osun State as Funmi Oguntomi and spend her early life in Lagos and Ibadan.

Before venturing into acting, she tried her hand at modelling. After that, Funmi made a serious decision to become an actress, and in 1993, she starred in her first movie called Nemesis directed by Fidelis Duker. During her rather short-lived career, Funmi Martins managed to star in dozens movies. Some of her most notable works include Eto Mi, Pelumi, Ija Omode, Eru Eleru and many others.

However, her career was suddenly cut short, as in 2002 when she passed away.

What was the cause of Funmi Martins death?

Funmi Martins

Nobody could predict that Funmi Martins would die that young. Until the very last days of her life, she was actively working on new films. Just two weeks before her death, Funmi was shooting a movie called Aduro Ti Oluwa. Slightly earlier, she was seen hanging out with her colleague Foluke Daramola at the All Seasons Plaza in Lagos, and she seemed as healthy as ever.

However, on May 5, 2002, the actress started feeling unwell. While she was at her Iju-Ishaga residence, Funmi complained that she was feeling dizzy all of a sudden. Without delay, she was taken to a hospital in Iju. After some time, her condition became stable, and the actress was even able to breastfeed her youngest child.

Funmi Martins death

That said, just next morning, May 6, 2002, Funmi Martins died at the Oshuntuyi Medical Hospital in Lagos. She was only 38 years old. According to the medical reports, her sudden death was caused by cardiac arrest, which happened because of her rheumatic heart disease.

Nevertheless, some people thought that the cause of her death was more. Some of her closest friends claimed that there was blood around Funmi’s mouth when she died. They thought that she might not have received the best quality healthcare, so they wanted to have a full-on investigation. However, nothing substantial has come from those claims, so the cause of death remained the same.

Late Funmi Martins funeral and legacy

Funmi Martins legacy

All of Nigeria, especially the movie industry, went into mourning after Funmi’s death. Even though her career lasted for less than a decade, she left a lasting impression on the viewers and people who worked with her.

One of her close friends and colleagues Antar Laniyan shared that he missed Funmi’s smiling face. He said that Martins was always smiling, and that she was the epitome of a best woman.

Her other colleague Bukky Wright also had some very nice words to say about the deceased. She described Funmi as a hearty nice woman whom she saw as a big sister. Like many others, Bukky was shocked to see Funmi’s light go out so soon, as the latter showed no signs of illness until the very end.

The burial of Funmi Martins was handled by her fellow actress and friend Lola Afolayan. The body of the late Martins was displayed in a blue skirt and blouse in a cream-coloured casket on the territory of the Lagos radio station Eko FM. Lots of people attended her funeral, including such famous faces as Adebayo Salami, Ogogo Omokulodo, Adesqueen, Pappy Luwe and many others.

Funmi Martins daughter

Even though it pains us to say that Funmi Martins is dead, her legacy lives on to this day. Apart from countless movies she starred in, the legendary actress has also given Nigeria Mide (Olumide) Funmi Martins, another outstanding Nollywood actress who would make her mother very proud.

Last year, Mide received a Posthumous Episcopal Award for her late mother from the Cathedral Church of St. Mathew Ijebu-Ijesha. The award was given to Funmi for her active participation in the life of the cathedral.

Apart from her daughter Mide, Funmi also left behind two sons. At the time of her death, one of them, namely Ayo, was 16 years old, while his younger brother Akanbi Ayomipo was only 40 days old.

It is very unfortunate that, despite her fame and contribution to the Nigerian film industry, there are not that many pictures of her that can be found on the Internet. These blurry images do not do her justice!